Recovery – Foam Roller Tune Up

Set and Reps:

Minimum 3 passes Max 5 passess for each segment of the Quads.

Minimum 3 passes Max 5 passess for Hips

Minimum 3 passes Max 5 passess for the Thorax

Main Focus:

  • You are trying to ease muscle tension for improved circulation and mobility.
  • Focus on applying enough pressure to squeeze the muscle but no so much that you can’t relax the muscle.
  • You also want to very careful with how much you allow your middle back to extend over the roll.
  • You will also want to avoid sustained spinal over the roller of more than 3 sec.


  • If rolling against the ground is to much you can also use a rolling pin or a rolling massage stick for a similar effect.
  • Some movements can also be done against a wall for a more gentle approach.