Recovery – Hip Release with a Ball

Set and Reps:

  • 2-3 sec hold each side
  • 10 reps per point of muscle tension attempting to be released
  • You can target 1-3 points of muscle stiffness
  • Do not sustain pressure on the ball for more than 10 sec. You run the risk of giving yourself a nerve compression injury this way.

Main Focus:

  • Gentle, intentional release of muscle tension to improve circulation and mobility. You are trying to relax muscle tone and tension.
  • The piriformis is good target. Deep hip rotators are also a good target.


  • Lacrosse balls are large and fairly hard. You can spend more and get latex rubber ball, tennis or racquetball or just do this on a soft surface. If you are without a ball you can use a tightly held fist, a rounded river rock or even a wrapped up pine cone. Get creative, but be safe.
  • If you find this to be uncomfortable you can limit the ROM in which you sway the knees.